The objective of the Lowell High School choral program is to help students be successful in this sometimes overwhelmingly competitive society. Learning music does many things to help foster this success. First, the ability to perform in front of an audience alone or with a group instills in singers a strong sense of self-confidence. Second, students learn how to set goals and work toward achieving them in a choir class because they never end the year at the same ability level they start with. Third, they learn how to work as a team because just like in athletic events, the group is only as good as their weakest member. Fourth, students learn about other cultures through the performance of different languages and musical genres, which teaches them to respect other cultures. This is an extremely important skill in today’s ever-growing global community. Finally, by performing music, these young adults are allowed to feel emotions and use them to create beautiful art. In other words, they learn how to be caring human beings.
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